Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here, There and Everywhere

"To lead a better life,
I need my love to be here"

I don't really know what this post is about, just some general things here and there. Its been a rather turbulent period in my life. Starting December, till about now, there were only a 100 issues to sort out: prize money, EMC work, make up forms, lost ATM card, an application for the negotiation competition in Leipzig, visa applications, CPC repeat, TP carry-over, projects, Client Counselling work (those of you from outside law school, who read this are forgiven for not understanding some of the jargon used. Nonetheless, please note: it was a :LOT of work). Now, I can finally say that everything has settled down and I am left with nothing but my academics. One would think an exclamation of 'Phew' followed by a long sigh would be very much in order at this point. While I have been causing minor hurricanes with my 'sighs' and 'phews', I can honestly say that after a very long time (those of you who want to know why, refer to this and this), I am quite proud of myself for coming out of it unscathed, except for, slightly strained nerves and a suspected increase in blood pressure (subject to medical opinion of course). I can also honestly say that I had a reasonable amount of fun during the process and was not collapsing in nervous breakdowns all over the place.

Have you ever gone away at the brink of it all? Just when all affairs were rushing towards a dramatic, filmy climax, when everyone was calling you with more and more work for you, when things were on the verge of being sorted out, but not quite yet...and you suddenly say "Sorry folks, I gotta go now. See ya when I'm back?" Its a good strategy and it worked beautifully this time for me. When I came back, everything had fallen neatly into place. Even the weather had finally made up its mind and had turned hot (which on reflection, is not all that great).

I'm proud of myself, I'm happy, after ages I actually am..I've even lost weight!