Saturday, December 24, 2011


P.S: I have major submissions tomorrow. Hence, posting time!!

2011 was probably not as momentous as 2010. As many crazily sad and crazily happy things did not happen this year. But in many ways, the process of growth and for lack of a better word emotional maturation that began in 2010 has fully taken root and consolidated in 2011. This has easily been one of the best years of my life and apart from possibly flunking SMIPR, I really cannot see it going downhill in the limited time left.

The year started on a high with winning the elections and those WAC grades (ah WAC, you are my International Law of IIMA. However, unlike IL, I understood you in the end); and it has pretty much been a high throughout. The internship and travel, the relationship, the trips out of campus, ERI, re-discovering hostel dorm life, the general sobering up and finding direction in life - every aspect of this year has been wonderful.

For sure there have been some lows. The tendency of my parents to still tell me what is good for me did cause some fairly upsetting moments. There were obviously issues here and there in the relationship. Several stressful situations as part of the Media secy role. The initial shock of not getting the PPO. The sleepless nights (yes I admit it) where all I could think of was CV building and I would agonize over why a marketing firm would want someone with a finance internship. But this year has just been so overwhelmingly positive that I am just filled with an immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment by the end of it.

2012 is when I finally start working. And before that, I will go through the stressful and daunting final placements on campus. Handling the pressures of a job and (fingers crossed) the dreaded 'long-distance' are going to be quite challenging. Yet after this year, I feel pretty charged up and ready to tackle life and whatever it has to offer.

I am going to be very senti and thank just one person at the end of this year. And he knows who he is :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reviews and General Angst

I was re-reading 'Two Disappearances', one of the most beautiful and haunting stories I have ever read; the kind that unsettles you and fills you with some indescribable longing. Reading the comments on the talented Mr. Mami's story, I realised that right after he posted the final part in the 8 part story, I had commented on it saying that I wanted to review the story.

I still do, but words fail me honestly. So I will settle for the second part of this post's title.

Living in B-School has sadly made me uncomfortable with spending too much time by myself. I say sadly because I somewhat miss those law-school moments where I used to get a Maggi from Chetta with extra masala (man I really miss Chetta Maggi, it features in a previous post also) and cuddle up with that Nora Roberts novel, 'An Equal Music' or 'Like Water for Chocolate', reading them for the nth time. With the multiple interactions and general overdose of human company that law school sometimes imposed on you, I used to crave those 'loner' times.

In B-School however, human interaction is more relaxed, less complicated and somehow more enjoyable. It is less enforced and completely unemotional. Debates are on purely third party subjects which affect no one in particular and end with most people laughing about the raised voices just moments before. Consequently, I have met some persons I love spending time with; and who I would be quite happy to spend all my time with.

Those who know me probably know this is a huge admission to make on my part. I even feel a little ashamed saying it! And hence, nights left to myself make me somewhat angsty. This is where 'Two Disappearances' came in. With some tea (which I made) and choice Carnatic music (chiefly ragams from Mami's stories - too much influence I say!), my angst made me immerse myself in the story all the more and by the end of it, I had become too lost in the unreal world of Carnatic music, temples and wandering musicians, isolated romantic hill station bungalows and evocative photography to feel very much angsty any more.

A fairly difficult day awaits tomorrow and with all the conflicting emotions, I have a headache. The main purpose of this post was to thanks 'Two Disappearances' in some measure for becoming my 'An Equal Music' equivalent (I miss that book; should bring it here). And to pay a tribute to that time of my life when coming back to an empty room with a plate of Maggi and the prospect of a good read and some room-made chai were all that I wanted. Today, I rediscovered that time.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Rival Blog :O

This is a part of a project in college:

If you are a fan of my writing in general, please read and comment on the above! Hopefully I will resume proper posting on this blog at some point!

Monday, May 30, 2011

An extra from a post way back in January 2009, before I had even thought properly about the MBA:

May be that's why I like the idea of marketing so much. I like trying to figure people and their wants, keeping various parameters in mind while doing the same. I love selling a product..provided I believe in the philosophy and ideal behind the product. While I have my reservations about advertising and the fact that it might be conning the public, marketing to my mind is a more genuine exercise because it actually takes into account needs and wants of the people...actually trying to give it to them without solely relying on making them believe its something else. To get someone to appreciate anything for what it actually is would be the sweetest victory.

Hmmm. There's gotta be something in this. And wow, I actually knew some marketing then!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I was forced to revisit some of my more embarrassing earlier senti posts thanks to Bad S and Bajaj. The middle of law school ones. It was rather mortifying actually. The funny thing is, I can't even remember why I was that senti then. The only reasons I could give them were academics and occasional rooming problems. At least the former sounded hollow in my head. I can't even in identify with those emotions anymore! Well, it's a good thing of course :). You live, you learn.

Though I must say, law school really seems far away!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hmmmm..where do I begin? This is year in which I have achieved the most, had the most harrowing experience I have ever had till date, experienced the shock of losing someone I loved a lot, fallen in and out of love with things again and again. It has been a year with incredible highs and equally awful lows - where I have lost all hope and regained it, cried with joy and sorrow in equal measure and really grown up as a person. I guess the best way to express how this year has been for me is to mention a few key people:

Appa: For being courageous and strong - an incredible fighter.

The VC of Law School: For having a heart, listening and being willing to give people second chances.

Anwesha, Bhavya, Aishu, Akshaya, Krishna and Asma: For being the best friends anyone can ever hope to have.

Badri, Manu, Ankit, Sneha, Prateek, Richa and Kruthika: For being as good as engineers can try to be :D (except you Richa - you are just awesome!)

Mom and Dad: For being the bravest and strongest people I know.

Pinky: For being a lovely sister and someone who deserves every single thing she has got.

And finally,

Ammamma: For being the best grandmother, the best cook, the most beautiful exponent of carnatic music and the loveliest person I have had the privilege of knowing. I will miss you terribly.