Friday, April 30, 2010

Mem'ries Old and Mellow

I can finally go down the nostalgia route now :D

I had blogged earlier about my sister and my Graduation Days in school. Going back to that, I remember mine distinctly. We had all assumed it would be an extremely emotional evening involving a lot of weeping over how school was getting over. Hence, we liberally stocked up on waterproof kaajal, mascara, eyeliner etc etc. However, when the evening actually came, none of us even remotely felt sad. Sure the nostalgia and senti was there, but they were of the happy sort..a time when memories were shared and relived, when old jokes were cracked, old crushes resurfaced, lots of photos were clicked and a hilarious video was taken (by your's truly). It was one of the loveliest evernings of my life, made beautiful by the fact that though we knew school was getting over, we chose be happy about the time we had together and everything we shared then. On this senti note, this is how I want law school to end as well. Because its considerably harder stepping out of college into the working world and because law school is infinitely more hateable than school, leaving it produces mixed emotions. But what ultimately remain are the good memories - those little recollections that a unique combination of hostel life, a hectic life and in short only Law School Life can produce. As a salute to them, I present my favourite-est memories of law school (in no real order. Chronological or otherwise):

1. My first De Minimis practice. I was amazed at how our voices blended together so seamlessly.
2. The first Glorious performance. It was definitely our best.
3.The first time we ordered pizza in that 'shoe-box' room (as Anwesha called it). We were so blown away by our cool-ness!
4. The night before the Eco 1 paper, when the lights went off and acad was open all night. I still regret being a good girl and rushing off at 3am to get some sleep now. Anyways, its not like I managed a good grade for all my planned studying!
5. The night before Socio. 7 people in one tiny room. Junk food flowing freely. And a 60 page speech to read by BR Ambedkar. 'Nuff said!
6. All SFs and Le Galas but especially SF in first year. Because of Palace Grounds, Junkyard Groove, Demonic Resurrection, Waste Management and cool (albeit dangerous) pyros. Also, Le Gala second year. What an event - no words to describe it!
7. Cleaning up 101 to make it habitable. When we wrenched out those iron rods and dumped them in the quad....ahh the glory!
8. Obviously all the trips we ever took. Especially Pondi, Wayanad, Munnar and Coorg this time.
9. That particular night on Surya terrace - the only time I've cried when drunk. Its the kind of hep thing you only do in college :P
10. Most evenings at Mojos. Particular favourites include that one time Aishu (with Mashukar, Anwesh and Adarsh) broke the pitcher and when Gupta, Anwesha, Madhukar and Me spent a whole day drinking beer at Le Rock and then when to Mojos and nailed some more. Insane!
11. Several evenings and nights in Alibi. Esp that one time with Aishu and that other time with Shore and Vipul.
12. The first time we went dancing. From my place - all heavily made up. And Pooja famously asking Anwesha what she 'left behind'.
13. All the other times we've squeezed into one auto with pretty clothes and gone dancing. To Spin, Sparks (where are these places now?!), Taika etc. The thrill of doing it in first year made it better!
14. The CAD debates in second year. Though they sadly turned acrimonious in the end, they were definitely great fun!
15. That one Karaoke night at Opus with Shore, Vipul and Sriraj. Unfortunately it was on 26th November 2008. But what a night!
16. All Dil Se practices. I will always remember them with a certain fondness.
17. Most Ethics classes. There was just something about them that seemed to symbolise the essence of our batch!
18. Epic Thursday of course!
19. A equally Epic Friday which involved watching 'Radio' and drinking in the movie theatre with Bhavi.
20. Admit One 2008. Well because :P
21. All the NLS Balls I have attended. Each one was special.
22. The post GMAT celebrations. They weren't really in Law School but were certainly imbibed with good Law School flavour.
23. That evening in Acad with Shore, Sanjana and Nalin. Watching 'The Lion King' and cracking up over Sanjana's fish.
24. The St. John's rock concert. TAAQ, Mother Jane and the rain. Defnitely the craziest thing I have done for live music!

And there are many more which I forget. Of course, ideally the fests and holidays shouldn't make an appearance at all in this list and I ought to just mention incredibly personal, almost forgotten memories. Yet, it is impossible for me to record every single conversation, cracking up session, intense discussion, round of crying etc because there were so many of them and they were what made Law School overwhelmingly fun more than anything else. Because Law School is truly about its people and when you have the right kind of people supporting you, all you do remember at the end of the day is how fantastic they were and how much your life was enriched by them. And at the end of that day, after all I've said..I love this place. I do not know who I would be without it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Wet to Dry


Now would be a good time to ask me for anything. Cuz all I can keep saying is 'Oh Yeah'. Though you may get put off by the maniacal grin on my face.

Have to speak to Usher..I guess he's not gonna be saying 'Yeah!'

Its time for full party - sharty or party - geety (depending on which part of the country you come from).

I shall leave it to emoticons to express the rest of my emotions :D :D :D :D :D :D :P :P :P :P :P :P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah, they can't do it really! But I love everyone who kept me sane during this. Truly love! Its time for another set of 'hallowed portals'..and a considerably better set of achievements therein!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well strangely enough the only song that has managed to move me to tears is Din Dhal Jaye from Guide. I happened to hear it during that wonderful weekend at Asma's place, where at approximately 6.30 in the morning it played in the Retro Hits program on some obscure channel called E24. The song stayed in my head and though a long day involving a hep breakfast, running around looking for a mechanic for Grissy (my car) and other such things put it temporarily out of my mind; I found that when I lay down to sleep I could think of nothing else.

There is something about the way Rafi has sung that song, which transcends all language barriers, if any. I couldn't remember the lyrics; I don't even know what dhal means..and yet, like Raasathi (the only other song that has moved me this much, just short of making me cry) there is something intensely sad and unearthly about the song that filled me with a strange kind of longing. I finally switched on my laptop and buffered the song on Youtube. The moment the opening line was sung, I started crying and continued to do so till the song ended. I still can't describe what it does to me; just thinking about the song and humming it brings a lump to my throat. The understated emotion in Rafi's voice and the incredible melody of the song is just so beautiful. It can hardly be expressed in words in fact. There's this constant need to listen to the song and get lost in its music and Rafi's voice - the way he manages to convey so much without goind over the top (like Sonu Nigam or something)..resulting in an actual, almost physical pain when I'm not listening to it. Its been a while since I've been obsessed with a song, but I am quite taken in with this one. Beautiful, magical stuff.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New and Improved!!

This template is a product of.....painstakingly trawling the internet (no I did not write an uber funky HTML code :P) and trying out many themes which appealed to me. I confess my second favourite theme was a violently purple one called 'Emo', but on closer viewing, it didn't look all that attractive.

I like this template. Its simple and intimate and has a Mona Lisa and a beer mug in it. What really clinched the deal for me was the hanger for my links and other miscellanea. And the sofa at the bottom is a nice touch. Kinda symbolic, given I'm finally gonna move out of home and everything.

Also, I want to change the name of this blog. 'Shine On' is nice, and I don't want to break the continuity but I want something will gels more with the larger theme of this blog now (plus apart from Floyd, it is also the name several other songs including a shady hip-hop cum salsa number by R.I.O.). Any suggestions?

Monday, April 5, 2010

I am trying not to think about these things, but I can't help it sometimes. Law school is ending anyway but has it ended early for me? In these moments I can only repeat this lyric and drive out these thoughts. Or I start reading The Economic Times. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today while heading to the gym, I was listening to 'We can Work it Out' by The Beatles. No sooner had McCartney finished singing 'Try to see it my way' when a car passed by me. On the back of the window 'Jesus is my way' was printed.

Hep no? :P

Thursday, April 1, 2010

4 days from now is possibly the most important day of my life. For three letters in the English alphabet. All I've ever wanted is in those three letters.

Sorry if this is getting boring. I am rather obssessed. Will stop soon, I promise.