Saturday, May 29, 2010

5 years ago I went for my first driving class.
Today I drove my sister in my car to her first driving class.

Time flies...

Yet, I when switch Star World, The Bold and the Beautiful is still running.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

'Shuttling' through life

Don't worry, this is not another post on walks.

It was another one of those nights where I couldn't sleep, due to a combination of an uneasy mind and an overly lethargic yesterday (yesterday? It just feels like one long today) Hence, at around 6:15, I decided I was fighting a losing battle and chose to use my wakefulness constructively by going for a morning walk. Now this is a very big deal in law school (though I hear Hegde does it with ashtonishing regularity). Waking up in time for a walk is quite unheard of, as is the general inclination to drag oneself out of bed, wear tracks and shoes and go trundling about outside. It is however a lovely experience. I have managed 3 such walks in the pretty BU area (in the morning that is), including this one.

As I have mentioned before, summer mornings will always be special for me. Summer mornings were extremely important to my weight loss program, and I have already blogged about that here. This time however, watching ever eager parents rush their groggy kids to various summer camps in SAI, I was reminded of an earlier set of summer mornings which meant 'the badminton training camp'. This camp was quite a torture. Handpicked favourites of Murali Sir (yes I was one :P) were made to come to Indiranagar Club at 6 in the morning for what can only be described as a rather cruel way to fully wake you up.

First, we had to run around the entire club complex 5 times or so. I was always invariably out of shape when it came to these rounds and would pull up last, huffing and puffing. We then plunged into a series of warm up exercises. This would be followed by either shadow practice (an excruiciating specialised form of badminton traning which involves taking seemingly impossible leaps from one extreme end of the court to the other to improve your agility) or dodge ball (to train reflexes). The latter was always a lot of fun, but the former was quite terrible. Finally came the dreaded skipping. Ideally you were supposed to skip for 1000 counts (I kid you not). Then, mercifully were the stretches. This entire process took one hour and geared you up for your proper round of coaching later in the day.

These mornings were also about Rohan Castelino. He was what made the mornings worth it. First of all, he had an incredibly exotic name. Secondly, he was very good looking. And thirdly, he was a beautiful badminton player. He moved with natural grace and fluidity across the court, his leaps to smash the shuttle defied gravity - or at least they seemed to then. I remember when Murali Sir partnered him with me in one doubles game. I could barely hold the racket and blushed everytime he complimented a shot of mine. Badminton players have a certain arrogance and assuredness about themselves and Rohan Castelino epitomised this. He was the shining star of badminton in Karnataka at that point. I have no idea where he is now (and I hope he never reads this!) but he is possibly my ealiest real crush, even before I really knew proper crush was.

Badminton and me thus go back a long way and one of my biggest regrets is that I have not continued playing it regularly in college. Oh well, after I start work, or possibly in my new dry dwelling, I will start pursuing it once again. Coming back to today, after the walk, where I explored a fair bit of BU, my ipod appropriately playing Awaara Bhavre from Sapney, I went and saw the pups. They were in a psychotic mood and managed to undo my laces. They also tried and failed to tear my tracks (not for nothing are they Adidas), unlike Anwesha's lucky pajamas.

I went back and even had breakfast..complete with papaya and the morning paper! And now I am all showered and ready to...sleep! Nah not really, but sleep will come soon. A lovely morning though, I should do this more often. I might even try to sneak into the SAI badminton court and watch the Indian team training (like Aishu and I did once, after Spiritus). Until next time!

Friday, May 7, 2010

There is an insane urgency about the way I would like to live my last month in Bangalore. An urge to savour every moment, attend every concert, drink every mug of beer generously offered, visit every place that once held meaning to me in my 15 years here. Because I know that this is possibly the last time in the next two years that I will be able to attend a good rock concert..without travelling to another city for it. Because it is going to be a long time till I can lay my lands on a pint of beer while listening to some rock classics. Because it is going to be a while till I can savour that beautiful evening breeze or watch those breathtaking sunsets.

Don't get me wrong, I am tremendously excited about where I am going. But I've always lived for the moment - and right now the moment demands that I live out my last month here fully and pay homage in this city to everything that has made me who I am (yes I am rather senti right now). I guess it has finally hit me, that I am out of here for good. Its time to make the best of what I have now.

A Diva is a Female Version of a Hustler

I am in some weird mood right now. This is what pressing deadlines do to you in 5th year. They make you go mad. You lose your sleep and appetite. You wallow in angst and snap at people. You feel Haldiram's Khatta Meetha is your only friend in the world, till that also makes your stomach pain. Soon the very thought of it makes you puke. You start downloading Madonna albums and get overtly emotional when something happens to prevent you from downloading the album (such as the power going off and the net gettting disconnected as a result of that). You attribute this to a great cosmic conspiracy to ensure you can't download Madonna albums. And then you end up writing a blog post with the above title.

This title is a line from 'Diva' by Beyonce. Not one of her best songs, but it grows on you. I have been listening to a lot a Beyonce in the past couple of days, mainly thanks to Aishu. Its amazing how she has evolved from 'Baby Boy' to 'If I were a Boy' (hahaahahha...joke). But seriously speaking, Beyonce is probably the one of the best artists around right now..and I really mean this.

I have a decision to make now which is killing before pleasure or vice versa? Does vice versa have to be italicised? I am going to go now before I overkill with the random-ness :P