Sunday, January 31, 2010


Spent an interesting and funky evening with my oh-god-not-again-I'm-still-hesitant-about-this-whole-thing roommates in Bombay i.e. Aishu and Anwesha. We basically realised that we would be spending shit loads of money..not just on the apartment but also on the furniture, appliances, commute, food etc. After discussing apartment rents, apartment locations (preferably near a train line), bed sizes we wanted (Aishu wants a double bed!! We need to feed ourselves here!), fridge sizes and whether it made sense carrying Thenmuzhi (my fridge) all the way to Bombay, the merits of carting the same mattresses which had served us so loyally in hostel (to save mattress costs), stealing a microwave from Anwesha's house and cutlery from Aishu's cousins, my juicer, the pros and cons of keeping a cat (or may be two cats), whether I was going to ditch last minute or not, how soon to get a TV, whether Aishu and me could play loud music when Anwesh was around, which cuisines Aishu and me should learn to cook, which chores Anwesh should perform since she can't cook, how soon we could get a sofa and not just use mattresses on the floor in the living room, obtaining a non-stick pan for dosas from my house, getting pressure cookers gifted to us, LPG connections and various other issues which crop up when you suddenly find that you have to move out of home and the city where you've spent most of your life and real estate prices are cheaper to a new, larger, grittier, dirtier and warmer city (no more sweaters!) where possibly everything is designed to sap you of your money, energy and life blood; I trudged wearily back to my room with the weight of all the pending expenses on my shoulders, to see photos of my sister's fresh, shining face at her graduation day, looking beautiful in a purple saree (I must admit, it is actually better than my graduation day saree) (thus ends the longest sentence I have ever written). I obviously could not resist a peek after that, at my own graduation day photos where I also looked fresh and shining in a pink saree (actually our sarees are equally good). Man that was a long time ago. And man, I still feel great after that discussion..ready to take on the world types. I am sure one month into living in Bombay, I will be crying about home, Bangalore and the slow life, but right now I'm too excited about this move..the excitement of finding my own place, decorating it, filling it with furniture and cool Nigella-esque cooking items and on top of it all, earning my own pay and spending it without any guilt or hang ups (and obviously saving some). Interesting life ahead, I like :D

Friday, January 29, 2010

I started this blog in my third year and am now in my fifth. The fag end of my fifth year actually. I'm quite struck by the way the general mood and nature of my posts have fluctuated during this time. In fact, I am so struck that I have made a graph indicative of the same (its rather small, you will have to click on it to get a better idea..I'm a techno spaz):

I'm glad it turned out this way though. I have had my ratty phases yes; but something has always kept me going in a natural upward progression. So right now, the mood is tops! It may sound funny but I actually feel I've become wiser (yes Anwesha, I hear you laughing), and though till third trimester of 4th year I still sounded like a whiny idiot, I think I've acquired a great level of maturity and level-headedness since then. Having said this, I've run out of things to post about I think. Music's always there, but I'm thinking of relocating music related posts to a separate blog altogether as there is so much to say. Hmmm, then there's tennis but I haven't been watching much. Hoping Murray and Henin win though (go Henin!) Sigh, I'm so bored, I'm even boring myself with this post. Maybe another day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally I can say this - I am employed! I have a job! And a fairly good one at that! It also makes these coming months my last few in Bangalore..atleast for a while. Cuz first there's work, then MBA, then more work. I'm not sure how I feel about it, it hasn't really hit me yet. I don't feel afraid, upset or apprehensive, in fact I feel mildly excited. But then. Bangalore has changed too much for me to identify with anymore.

Anyhow, coming back to the happy stuff - the job was got after a lot of tension. This trimester has been a lot about tensions of various kinds but has culminated in a set of fantastic achievements These have got to be the most crucial three months of my life; regardless of whether I was looking out to settle my immediate future or lay the foundations for what I intend to do later and in life. And boy, I cannot begin to express how overjoyed and humbled I have been by the whole experience.

I can't finish this post without thanking everyone who was there for me during these months. The kind of love and support that I have got has been incredible and in some way has made me finally make my peace with all the confused, misanthropic emotions that have been swirling in my head for a while. Truly, people can be the awesome-est at times.

Birthday was easily also the best I've had in years - it involved signing my contract after all; followed by a lovely dinner with the above-thanked awesome people; missing the remaining awesome people who couldn't make it. I'll stop gushing for now and just say this - life's finally back on track! And I can finally look myself in the eye again :D