Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Common Tie of Womanhood

Being a part of the feminine species has always been a rewarding and entertaining experience. The the only thing possibly better than being a woman would be..chocolate. (Cliched? Oh well).
I will however comment in this post on one particular aspect of womanhood that I just love i.e. the ability for us to overcome all our issues, differences, bitchiness, shyness, whatever when the other member of our species...loses weight! Believe me, it is an extremely interesting and exciting phenomenon. As you all might be knowing, I have successfully managed to effect a dramatic change in my waistline (if I may say so), of late. The reactions it provoked were quite fantastic. Firstly at my gym, two ladies who had thrown me general 'oh-here's-one-of-those-young-upstarts-with-headphones' looks in the first two weeks of my gymming career opened their hearts to me towards that later period. One lady told me about her son who was in engineering and how he was finding hostel hard and so on and so forth, after commenting on my grit and determination on the treadmill and how remarkable my progress was. Another lady told me about how she used to have an acne problem (acne is also a good conversation topic) and how she used some very effective cream and how I should also use it, following which she congratulated on my butt reduction techniques. It was most delightful.

Of course the widespread reactions in college have been amazing. I knew whispers followed me as I passed but I was bombed when one senior came and asked me how I lost weight and said "I heard that you were following this one diet.." I mean, wow! There are rumours doing the rounds about which diet I followed. And then there was the random LLM lady who kindly commended me on my efforts. The number of people who I have never spoken to who have come and asked me for tips, advice, blessings etc. is quite mind numbing!

Weight loss is a most effective bridge to any communication gap. Had Hitler and Churchill been women, Churchill would have just had to knock off a couple of those pounds and the two of them would have been chilling together in some sauna room somewhere discussing the benefits of low carbs versus micro-biotic diets. And World War II might never have happened, think about it!

I don't know if feminists will agree with this post..I don't know even if I am sanctioning the objectification of women herein. But I do know that everything stated in the above lines is absolutely true and that's why I simply love being a woman!

Monday, August 4, 2008

La Vie En Rose

I am right now listening to Edith Piaf. I can't understand a word she's singing, my knowledge of French is limited to a few catch-phrases and a basic understanding of phonetics. But I love her melodies, basic and singable yet beautifully and soulfully constructed. And of course the voice and the way in which they are sung! Whether the song is a celebration of love or Paris or a lament, the emotion is conveyed with grace with an underlying sense of poignancy indicating that everything is transient and passing anyway. The songs bring to mind, with an ever aching heart, the sunlit streets of Paris, walks down the boulevards and waltzing in front the Eiffel Tower to lilting tune of the accordion...Highly recommended for late night listening!