Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hmmmm..where do I begin? This is year in which I have achieved the most, had the most harrowing experience I have ever had till date, experienced the shock of losing someone I loved a lot, fallen in and out of love with things again and again. It has been a year with incredible highs and equally awful lows - where I have lost all hope and regained it, cried with joy and sorrow in equal measure and really grown up as a person. I guess the best way to express how this year has been for me is to mention a few key people:

Appa: For being courageous and strong - an incredible fighter.

The VC of Law School: For having a heart, listening and being willing to give people second chances.

Anwesha, Bhavya, Aishu, Akshaya, Krishna and Asma: For being the best friends anyone can ever hope to have.

Badri, Manu, Ankit, Sneha, Prateek, Richa and Kruthika: For being as good as engineers can try to be :D (except you Richa - you are just awesome!)

Mom and Dad: For being the bravest and strongest people I know.

Pinky: For being a lovely sister and someone who deserves every single thing she has got.

And finally,

Ammamma: For being the best grandmother, the best cook, the most beautiful exponent of carnatic music and the loveliest person I have had the privilege of knowing. I will miss you terribly.