Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another list

Time to learn things and do something new again. Time to expand my horizons!!
1. I will play the ukulele for an hour everyday and try to learn a new song.
2. I will join a gym and get fit again! Thyroid is under control do I have no more excuses.
Target - 10kgs by June for the engagement/ 18 kgs by December.
3. I will make sure I go out at least for something every weekend - either a movie or a play or any sort of event. I will go alone if required.
4. I will try to do a weekend trip every month and make use of the long weekends regardless of their proximity to closing.
5. I will write!! And try to take my blog more places once I have a sufficient body of work.
6. I will not get stressed and take everything about work to heart and a reflection of my personal inability. I am going to make those damn antibodies in my blood go down through the sheer might of positive thinking.
7. I will dance/ sing/ both on weekends. Join some sort of a class or band which helps me do the things I love doing.
8. I will play badminton whenever I am in the branch or over the weekends. At least once a week.
And that's how my life is going to rich and fulfilling as it was last summer.

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