Tuesday, June 9, 2009

21 Random Things - On Anwesha's Behest, the Psycho

I have already written a version of this on facebook but for all those who feel facebook kills blogs, or don't check facebook or some such problems, here's another less introspective, less whiny and more funky set:
1. I have this weird need to try random food substances with trippy names. Like Bindu, Rani, Melto and Fun Tan.
2. My sense of humour of late has taken a morbid turn. I find Bambi meets Godzilla, persons getting knocked off trains while standing on the platform and persons drowning in their bathtubs, funny.
3. I am increasingly thinking of taking up smoking because it looks so hot.
4. I have seen 3 Broadway shows - Chicago, West Side Story and Mary Poppins.
5. I have a major 'good looks' hang up. However, my standards for good looks are not too high. Usually if the guy has curly hair and specs, I'm happy.
6. I think the Fedrer - Nadal rivalry is the single most exciting thing in the world today.
7. I look at the moon/ sunsets/ other pretty natural phenomenan and often wish I had someone in life.
8. On the otherhand I'm terrified of what will happen when I actually find that someone.
9. I almost permanently have a schoolgirl type crush on someone or the other. Yeah, all of you don't know this about me: I can dream about a guy I have just glimpsed somewhere for ages.
10. When I like someone all I can do is laugh inanely at their jokes and keep smiling at them. Its quite irritating.
11. I love singing at the top of my voice. I have been told to keep it down twice by seniors while singing in the bathroom. Its so much fun!
12. I once cried when we lost a throwball match in school. It was a very close match.
13. I have always wanted to be in showbiz. From Miss India, to a Bollywood Actress, to a Rock Star, to an RJ to reintroduces Woodstock philosophy in this day and age to a singer in a nightclub in New York to a Rockette in Radio City Music Hall to a Broadway prodigy. I permanently have some showbiz dream.
14. I love pretty, expensive things. Like Chanel dresses and Prada handbags. And I LOVE formal clothes.
15. I have always wanted to win a Grand Slam. May be Lawland Garros at Spiritus next year!
16. I think Humphrey Bogart is the most desirable person to have ever lived.
17. I love watching any sort of dance..from Bharatnatyam to Broadway (sorry couldn't resist that one :D), even though I don't have much faith in my dancing skills.
18. I like to rewatch the bit in Casablanca when Bogart and Bergman see each other for the first time. It always gives me goosebumps.
19. I have a fairly wild imagination. A lot of it seems to revolve around martians and idlis.
20. I love the idea of movies, know loads of movie trivia and eagerly watch the Oscars always but can't bring myself to watch movies themselves. Does that make sense?
21. I still don't know why I'm in law school. Though this AMSS internship sure has made it worthwhile :D.

I tag all those on my blog list..including Serena Williams, if she so listens.


Ankit said...

@3. Not good for either 11 or 15.
@15. Yes, I think you should play with me next trimester. Then both of us will win the Lawland Garros :)

Agent Zero said...

Bindu is had best with Solid Masti, yessir.